As the name suggests, Honeyd IPv6 is an IPv6 extension of the official Honeyd release 1.5c which was developed by
Niels Provos and which can be downloaded on The IPv6 version provided on this page is
still in a testing stage. However, we successfully tested all implemented features in a long term experiment and didn't face
any major problems.

Implemented IPv6 related features

  • ICMPv6 echo requests/replies
  • essential parts of the Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  • run TCP and UDP scripts via IPv6
  • supports IPv6 fragmentation
  • IPv6 packet routing simulation including network latency and packet drops
  • random mode to dynamically create virtual IPv6 machines on demand

Compile and Install

Download the Honeyd IPv6 sources from the files section. This version requires the same libraries
as the original Honeyd Version 1.5c. Please refer to for more information.
Make sure to compile Honeyd for IPv6 against libevent 1.4.x, version 2.x will not work!
When you're finished installing the required dependencies, run the following commands:

make && make install


We adapted the basic configuration statements to support IPv6 addresses. A short example configuration can be
found in the source archive. Please refer to for configuration details.

Known Issues and missing Features

  • The tool needs to be run behind a router that sends router advertisements in order to determine the ethernet address of the next hop. You can use the script to send a fake router advertisement if you don't have a router with advertisements enabled running.
  • IPv6 OS fingerprinting has not yet been implemented.
  • Tunneling is not yet supported.