Welcome to ft6 -- Firewall Tester for IPv6's Documentation!

The “Firewall Tester for IPv6”, or ft6, is a tool you can use to test how your firewall handles IPv6.
This document covers the basic architecture of ft6, how to install it, set it up and run it.
We explain the tests and what to make of the results.
We even show how to build your very own test yourselves!
Some familiarity with the the TCP/IP Stack and IPv6 in particular is assumed.

This document and ft6 itself are being released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license.
ft6 was written in cooperation with EANTC as part of the project IPv6 Intrusion Detection System, funded by BMBF.



Ran into a problem? Please check the versions of your software first!
ft6 was developed and tested mainly on Debian 6, Linux Kernel 2.6.32.
It has been verified to work with a more recent kernel, using grml 3.7.1.

We use python 2.7.3 with scapy 2.2.0

Previous versions of python and scapy sometimes suffer from a bug that will give you error messages like "Interrupted System Call" when pressing the "Start"-Button. Depending on your setup, this occurs more of less frequently. This issue requires patching your scapy installation.

Use one of the patches from the Files Section or modify the scapy source files manually, as the patch is for an other version and will not work automatically (the line numbers are wrong!). If there are different problems, please notify us via email.

Thanks for using ft6! Your input is appreciated at
contact <at> idsv6 <dot> de.


  • 2013-07-28:
    • New release: fixes a bug that caused ft6 to crash when executing the ICMPv6 Test.
    • New feature: your current setup (address and ports) is written to a config file "ft6.conf" and loaded again the next time you launch ft6, which means less typing.
    • New feature: demo mode. If you start the client with "--demo" you can simulate a ft6 session, without having to setup the firewall and the server.
    • New publicaton: Added the presentation "Securing IPv6 Networks: ft6 & friends" that we gave at the "Cisco Network Innovation Summit" on July 25th in Potsdam. You can download it from the "files" section.